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REE WASTE is a trading name of REE WASTE Ltd. Company number 11802419, Environment Agency Licence: CBDU273014


Price estimates are given in good faith. All prices that are given before work is conducted are estimates and not quotations unless specifically stated in writing. Final size, weight and onsite location are the determinant of final prices. Valid quotation prices are available on our website as these are stated per weight and size.

If you supply us with images and your own estimated size and weight, we will give you an estimate price. If the weight, onsite location, and size vary this will reflect on the final price of the service.


Currently our prices have no VAT.

Waste collection prices are calculated by mass size, location, and the weight. This is what directly affects the price of a waste collection. Prices charged for work completed are a combination of weight, per caged tipper truck in mass size, and maximum workhours as relevant to the collection size.

Waste clearance prices include weight and mass size and additional manpower to the standard manpower included. This is to satisfy the requirements of clearances for example (but not limited to) top floor collections where time to load the trucks will take longer, removal of furniture from within the premises of flat clearances, carpet removal for installed carpets, construction excavations, demolitions, unbagged loose waste.

Other service prices are based on the specific requirements of the service as identified by the allocated service manager.

Where an invoice is generated, the price is calculated with reasonable accuracy. We do not certify the weight we will base the charges on are 100% accurate, however the margin for error is reasonable to that of the equipment accuracy. The on-vehicle digital scales are installed professionally and maintained regularly by a third-party service provider to ensure accuracy. However, the weight shown on the vehicles are for guidance only and can vary from certified weight scales and readings shown on the scales do not deem a certified weight.

If you wish for your load to be certified in weight, you must provide us with notice that this is the case. We will then have to arrange for your load to be carried separately from any other waste loads. We will then use the readings from waste transfer stations scales to price you a specifically based on this weight. This option is not always available due to the availability of vehicles and the run of the day. We ask for 72-hour notice for such an arrangement request. We also charge £50 admin fee for such a request in addition to the price that is based on volume and weight.


Payment shall be made at time of collection unless specifically agreed in writing or you are an account holder with REE WASTE.

If payments are not made on time by account holders, we reserve the right to charge £50 administration fee per week in addition to an overall 7% surcharge charge.

In the circumstances that you do not pay REE WASTE we reserve the right to return your waste to you as the producer. We do not accept ownership of your waste until payment is made in full.

If you have a credit account with REE WASTE, invoices must be paid within 28 calendar days. If you do not have a credit account, invoices must be paid immediately. If you do not make the sufficient payment, any other services scheduled shall be cancelled until you make payment. This does not limit any other remedies and rights we may have.

Any client with a credit account may be subject to a credit check. The amount of credit is reflected by the health of your credit profile as we see it. If your credit profile changes and we feel we need to reduce the amount of credit we can offer you, we will then issue a request for any amount over this figure as it will become due.

We reserve the right to cancel your account without notice for any reason including but not limited to if we suspect you have been involved in any corruption, bribery, malpractices, illegal activities, offering employment to our staff, trying to influence decisions of our staff, conduct threatening behaviour, or cause avoidable difficulties towards our staff members. If your account is closed, all outstanding invoices are due immediately.

Charges and Cancellations

For single visit collections you may cancel a service request at any time before the collection date. If it is a multi-visit collection or a clearance with extra manpower, we ask for 48-hour notice of cancellation. We ask for cancellations to be made in writing by email, letter, WhatsApp, or text message. If we begin removing your waste or begin a clearance, and you cancel. We will be liable for all works carried up to that point, and a £70 “no notice” cancellation fee. Payment in this situation is required at that time before we leave the premises.

If items are too large to be removed from premises, we may at our discretion dismantle them for you. If they still do not fit through doorways, we are not liable to reassemble them.

We allocate manpower time for each load as showing on our website and publications. If the manpower required goes over this time, we reserve the right to stop collecting and charge you for what has been completed or charge extra manpower time to have the job finished.

Certain items may have additional fees for them to be removed. Such items but not limited to mattresses, fridges, freezers, paint, car tyres etc. The fees for these may change from time-to-time, but area available on our website.

Collection times, total size, weight, and manpower are estimated by the team. If we see that this is exceeding our estimate, we reserve the right to charge you for any excess beyond the estimate.

Service Provision

We will always conduct our services with reasonable skill and care unless we are subject to Force Majeure.

We will always seek to remove waste at the dates discussed. We do not provide collection dates with a guarantee that we will be collect waste at a specific time, although we always seek to meet our discussed times. If for events out of our control we cannot remove your waste on the discussed date, we will contact you to rearrange another collection date. We are not held liable for any

REE WASTE staff will be given a safe and freely available environment to work. You the customer shall ensure your pathways are clear and environment is safe for them to operate.

Any special circumstances that will affect the collection must be communicated to REE WASTE before arrival. This can be for example (but not limited to) parking restrictions, parking fees, heavy items, access issues, waste not being ready to collect, waste secured, disputes as to whether waste can be removed, height level of waste. If accurate information is not supplied to REE WASTE we reserve the right to cancel a waste collection/clearance without notice, even upon arrival. Or charge for any extra works carried out.

For the safety of our staff, we ask that sharp objects should be stored separately in boxes for our team to collect and not left in bags.

If we attend your premises in your absence, you agree to supply us payment before the waste is collected. You also agree to supply us with a vali contact number that you are available at. Failure to do this may result in cancellation of the collection.

REE WASTE Ltd is not liable for any loss or damages due to a collection/clearance not being completed, for any reason.

We reserve the right to abandon your collection/clearance if asbestos, syringes, or any other hazardous materials and substances are detected within the waste to be collected. In this situation we reserve the right to charge you for our time and any waste that has already been collected/cleared. If we require specialist third party services to remove such waste from our vehicles or transfer stations, where we were not aware of such waste was collected, we reserve the right to charge you for these services. You shall also indemnify us for any costs or expenses we may incur by third parties due to removing such waste.

It is agreed that we will sign your waste transfer note for you only when we come to collect/clear your waste. We do not provide any further documents other than this. If you require anything further, we may charge you administration fees for this, and we reserve the right to supply this at our discretion. Waste producers are responsible for supplying waste transfer notes and keeping these safely for 2 years. Where we store a waste transfer note for the collection/clearance we will supply a single copy of this for you within 2 years upon request. Where requests are excess of this or disproportionate, we reserve the right to charge administration fees.


We are not and do not accept liability for any implied legality of collections or clearances we conduct. Our agents or employees are not liable for anything that you rely on regards to the legality of our service being carried out.

The customer ensures that what they ask of REE WASTE is lawful and does not cause any legal issues to them or to REE WASTE. You must ensure you are within your rights to pass through land and the waste is yours and you are legally permitted to access, and clear the property, conduct works on the land that is part of the service.

The customer must ensure all instructions are within the law and indemnifies REE WASTE of any liability or losses from any legal dispute or property dispute.

This does not limit our liability implied or otherwise under section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 or section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. It also does not limit liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence, and fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation

Excluding that stated above, we shall not be in any way liable in contract, tort, negligence, statutory duty breach or any other reason for indirect or consequential losses, or loss of profits that are a result or in connection with the contract. Any other liability we have to you in contract, tort, negligence, statutory duty breach or any other reason shall not in any situation exceed the service price under our agreed contract

As our service is predominately handling bulky and heavy items, we cannot guarantee that during clearances and collection damage will not happen to any property. The customer must inspect the area and notify the team of any damage before they leave the site. Any damage must be notified in addition to this in writing withing 7 days of notifying our staff at the site. We cannot accept liability for any damage if this is not done in writing and within the timeframe stated.

Privacy and Data Protection

We will only use your information to complete our service to you and will also use your data to notify you of similar services we offer unless you tell us otherwise. We may also pass your information to credit reference agencies if you are applying for an account with us.

in compliance with the data protection act, we may transfer your information and data as a data controller to any relevant party.

Assignment of Rights

Without prior written consent from REE WASTE you cannot transfer your rights or your obligations to any other party. We will not restrict you from transferring your rights or obligations if it is reasonable to do so. REE WASTE can transfer our right and obligations to other parties but this will not affect your rights within these terms.

Any notices must be made to our email address or to our postal address REE WASTE, 14 Leopold road, London, SW19 7BD. You must allow 3 days for postal communication to be processed as received by us and 24 hours to an email address. Please allow further time for us to respond to your communication.

Force Majeure

We are not liable for not completing, fulfilling, or delays in our service due to any Force Majeure. Force Majeure includes but is not limited to any accidents, epidemic, riots, terrorism civil unrest, war, threat of war, weather including rain, flooding, wind, storms, earthquakes, subsidence, natural disasters. Issues with transport including vehicles, trains, ports, highways, telephone networks. If a force majeure event is taking place and we cannot conduct our service, we reserve the right to cancel a service, or delay it at a time that it is suitable, or extend the time taken to complete it. We will take reasonable measures to try and work around the force majeure event, but we cannot guarantee or imply this.

Terminating Services 

We reserve the right to cancel and terminate services to you at any time including but not limited to before, or during a service. We are not liable for compensation if we terminate a service. Your outstanding rights are not affected, and you are still liable for any amounts due to date regardless of whether future services are taking place.

General & Validity

These terms are governed by English Law, and the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

If any part of these terms is deemed to be unenforceable or not legally binding by the courts or legal authority, that part of the terms will be omitted and the remaining of the terms will still stand and be active at its fullest extent.

If we fail to enforce our rights to insist you fulfil your obligations within these terms or we do not activate our right for remedies, this does not mean we have waivered our rights for these. You will still be obliged to fulfil your obligations under this agreement. If we have accepted and waived a default from your side, this does not mean any defaults going forward will be waived. Not waiver by REE waste shall be valid unless this is specifically stated by us in writing.

under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, any persons or third party who is not part of these terms shall have no rights over them

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